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Beauties! (12)

Wed Jul 23, 2014, 6:03 PM

"Only through art can we emerge from ourselves, to know what another sees of this universe which is not the same as ours and whose landscapes would remain as unknown to us as those that may exist on the moon. 
Thanks to art, instead of seeing a single world, our own, we see it multiply, and how many original artists existiem many more different we have at our disposal, worlds other than those that roll at infinity and, many centuries after having extinguished the focus from which emanated, he called Rembrandt or View Meer, still send us your special radius. "-Proust-

Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28
The marbles experiment by mistergambitBy the river by mistergambitBolt by mistergambit
Druid by manoluvAppalachia by manoluvTermite's Delight by manoluv
Sun is a cannon ball by MirachRavaiaDistant Mountains by MirachRavaiaWedding day II by MirachRavaia
If you were the water.If you were the water of life, I would never thirst
If all hunger could be fed by you, your food would be enough
The joy of time, would have no seconds without you
A true mystery of love ,so well felt when I'm with you.
A caress of a touch, leaves my heart feel new
Times I spent lost without words to say
A breaking heart that longs for everlasting love
Precious moments stolen, but my love will never die for you.
Once apon a wish.I wish you there! when my heart dose brake
so very often this for the worlds sake
I try to bare all, for this life so wrong
but to heal it takes time oh my word so long
All I ask is a comforting hand
someone to be there when no one else can
To live in such pain and unloved despair
To find all freedom is a lie and unfair
But in my life time this will not be
to air as human and set our self's free
I love you all from the depth of my soul
and maybe one day I will find myself whole.
Girls by Melanie-J-Howle
Dark Forest by Metal-BenderForest Waterfall by Metal-BenderSummer White by Metal-Bender
Shadows by moonchild-ljiljaForest Magic by moonchild-ljiljaForest Fairy by moonchild-ljilja
Land of the silver birch by Morgan-LouApril in Paris by Morgan-LouSee through my soul by Morgan-Lou
Day Dream by MRFartsBook of Earth by MRFartsLittle Hulk by MRFarts
Sink by msfowleTianshi by msfowleHERITAGE - Book Cover by msfowle
potion of sleep-grass by mariallNO TRESPASSING by mariallwallpaper flower meadow by mariall

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"The moral of the art lives on her own beauty." (Flaubert)

Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28
Far away by MasoumehTavakoliEndless pain by MasoumehTavakoliAutumn Light by MasoumehTavakoli
Mervilina art by MervilinaMervilina art by MervilinaMervilina art by Mervilina
Arachne's Lair by michellemoniqueBlack Widow by michellemoniqueArachne's Wrath by michellemonique
Water Mage Stage 3 (Super Rare) by mictonesSprites Golden Gobbler by mictonesTerra Lepus Stage 3 by mictones
Bring me my heart back by MiloshJevremovicMy tears are falling to up by MiloshJevremovicSummer Song by MiloshJevremovic
I'm nothing Logo by modblackmoonSVERM Logo by modblackmoonThelema Love Fest Logo by modblackmoon
Slowly, We Take Steps! by MoodyBlueWrapped in a Dream by MoodyBluePale Feathered Wind by MoodyBlue
The Slayer by MoonglowlillyBroken Inside by MoonglowlillyI Won't Tell by Moonglowlilly
Beauval Zoo by Morphine-CloudBeauval Zoo by Morphine-CloudBeauval Zoo by Morphine-Cloud
Voodoo by muirartLosing my Religion by muirartA Place To Die by muirart
Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28

The mirrors are used to see the face; art to see your soul. (B. Shaw)

Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28
Practice of Painting - Realistic face by MirellaSantanaLet me take your Soul by MirellaSantanaBetween heaven and hell by MirellaSantana
Alien Creatures by mysticmorningStroll in the Country by mysticmorningDARK FOREST by mysticmorning
Cold Hate, Warm Blood by MythridArtSeeds Ov Dryad by MythridArtCon-Creation by MythridArt
my wedding by MadaleySelketMadaley Selket WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN 2014 wgt by MadaleySelketWGT Wave Gotik Treffen 2014 Madaley Selket Viona by MadaleySelket
Nanotech Caitlyn - League of Legends by MagicnaAnaviMaya by MagicnaAnaviRaven by MagicnaAnavi
Red Wedding by MariannaInsomniaFrozen by MariannaInsomniaCinderella by MariannaInsomnia
Stefan B Retouch Rollover by MBHenriksenGo Slowly Now, Sands Of Time by MBHenriksenThey Hide in the Shadows - Detail by MBHenriksen
Future Gaming by maximegiraultLibrary Rats by maximegiraultAmerican Dream by maximegirault
aku dan dunia mimpi by naedieAdult Feel by naedie.: The Lost of Fairy :. by naedie
Cloudy day by NamedaFrozen by NamedaGuardian of Atlantis by Nameda
Bleach 566: Your Fear by NanFeI just killed a candle by NanFeThe Lost One by NanFe
Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28Red Page Divider by Cougar28

Art is a summary of the nature done by the imagination.(Eça de Queiroz)

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Thank you all for always sharing your emotions, ideas and all your feelings through the beautiful creations!

Thank You by KmyGraphic



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